Phil Edwards Recording

Audio Recording Professional

Studio and remote engineering

Mixing and mastering

40 years experience


Phil's reputation for excellence in audio recording and mixing is legendary. In the studio or on a live remote, his natural talent for engineering is unsurpassed. Phil skillfully combines technical wizardry with a musician's sensibility to capture the subtlety in any performance.

You've rehearsed, planned and sacrificed preparing for your recording project. Now let Phil Edwards deliver the great sound you demand.

Career Highlights

  • Over 1000 albums recorded
  • Recording studio/remote truck owner
  • Professional Musician
  • Grammy award honors:
  • 30 nominated albums - 10 winners
  • 2 nominations for Engineering

Remote Recording Locations

Montreux, Switzerland
Calgary, Canada
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles


Recording Studios

Capitol Records, Hollywood
A&M Studios, Hollywood